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Terms and Conditions for www.Lutz-Freitag.de and www.robinson-mv.de

With the call and/or the use of contents on one of the web pages http://www.lutz-freitag.de or http://www.robinson-mv.de (in the following "offeror" called) agree you (in the following "user" called) with the terms of utilisation performed here. The use of a linked side is defeated by the in each case valid Terms and Conditions and rules of the respective linked sides.

in case you don’t agree with the terms and Conditions from a website, you also may not consequently use this website. Besides you are allowed to use services only, if you fulfil possible age restrictions of your place of residence (z. B from 16, from 18 or from 24 years).


  1. The Terms and Conditions count to all users of one of the web pages http://www.lutz-freitag.de or http://www.robinson-mv.de and to all contract relations of the users with the offeror. The Terms and Conditions have validity, even if is not expelled to it again.
  2. Individual contracts between user and offeror have precedence before the Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions count to all circumstances, what is not regulated in individual contracts.
  3. With the use of links to other suppliers count the Terms and Conditions of the linked web page in each case. The offeror doesn’t incur any responsibility or liability for action ways, behaviour or contents from users and linked suppliers.

Scope of Work Circumference

  1. The web pages or are private web pages. No services liable to pay costs are offered or user's data are grasped and administered on this websites.
  2. The contract to the use of the web pages http://www.lutz-freitag.de or http://www.robinson-mv.de is closed for the duration of the use of the side without term, as soon as the user calls this and is of use. The contract contains merely Terms and Conditions correspondent behaviour appropriate for customs.
  3. The offeror does not guarantee that during the contract duration a successful use takes place. He also doesn‘t stick therefore, if use and availability of the websites are limited or these are not available temporarily.
  4. The offeror offers his services primarily for private purposes or in connection with the commercial Amarici to sides. When required individual, written contracts (to SEO, advertisement, Blogs can be closed between users and the offeror etc.) in particular for the Amarici sides.

Inclusion of Third

  1. The offeror is entitled to instruct third with the performance of achievements.

Commercial Use

  1. A commercial use of the web pages or (purchase, sales or exchange of links, activities SEO, Blogs, advertising contents, and a.) is to be regulated to begin with within the scope of a co-operative agreement. To all Amarici websites the same are counts.
  2. The regulations of the respective co-operative agreement count to cooperation partner.

Exclusion of Utilisation

  1. The offeror reserves himself the right to regulate the use of services, to prohibit or to put.
  2. The offeror keeps to himself the right to initiate before measures to prevent offence against the conditions of the use.

Cancellation instruction

  1. The user can revoke an individual, written contract without information of reasons within 14 calendar days towards the offeror only in writing. Nevertheless, the offeror perhaps can charged, already resulted expenditures.

Notice of Removal, termination of contract

  1. A notice of the contract to the use of the web pages http://www.lutz-freitag.de or http://www.robinson-mv.de is not necessarily there an adjourning temporarily only during the use exists. A notice of departure is also not possible without any occurred registration.
  2. Individual, written contracts regulate terms of termination themselves.
  3. After ending of individual, written contracts and the legal safekeeping duties all data of the user are extinguished by the offeror.
  4. Questions to contracts with linked sides or Amarici are to be regulated with the respective contracting partners.

Behavioural Obligation for Users

Coarse intentional injury of the behavioural obligations, can lead to an immediate notice of the contract, as well as have civil law and criminal results for the user.

  1. All users are responsible themselves for the information which they provide. The users assure that the data given towards the offeror of the truth correspond. It’s not allowed to use data, which show the identity wrong, are phoney, fictitious or from other persons or imitate this. Data, pictures, videos or other contents which offend against right third (e.g., name rights, brands rights or personality rights) may not be published or be transmitted.
  2. Furthermore every user assures that no damaging to business and personality-damaging intentions are connected with the use of the web pages http://www.lutz-freitag.de or http://www.robinson-mv.de and entrusted data are used only for the agreed purpose.
  3. Every interference in the use of services by other users and all activities which bother other users or injure of somebody private sphere are to be omitted.
  4. All contacts e-mails and other news are to be held discreet and to treat confidentially. From all users is demanded tolerance and respect. From making preserved e-mails or parts from it without explicit, previous approval of the sender to other users accessible, or from criticising contents of other users publicly, it is prohibited too.
  5. This in particular also counts to name, telephone number and fax numbers, address data, e-mail addresses and/or URLs. Who personal data abuses unjustified for commercial or other not agreed purposes, offends against the data protection act and risks pity claims for damages of the affected persons.
  6. No part of the web pages http://www.lutz-freitag.de or http://www.robinson-mv.de or the services may be used for the publication or spreading of access data, legitimizations or licences of utilisation of any web pages, products or services are protected in copyright matters or other by contract / juridical to complain of Aliases, to pictures, videos or other contents, injuriously, menacingly, insulting, vulgarly, indecently, profane, slanderous, libellously, hideously, illegal or immoral, discriminating, sexist, extremist, power glorifying, abusive, racist, ethnically or from texts, otherwise, or are suitable in other way, the respect of the web pages in general public to damage.
  7. any material or contents which exploit user less than 18 years in a sexual or violent kind or animate to the revelation of personal information or in any way can be injurious to persons under age, may not publish or be dispatched.
  8. Pornographic or sexual material of any kind may not be indicated, be published or be transmitted.
  9. The use of the web pages or , to parts of it or the services for law-contrary purposes is prohibited. Photos, graphics arts or other contents which contain unlawful substances or activities, including, but not limited on drinking under age or smoking, substance abuse, weapon use or gang group or promote are forbade as strictly, like the delivery by instructions for unlawful activities, e.g., for the production or the purchase of unlawful weapons or drugs.
  10. Every attempt to receive unauthorized access to data banks or other calculator systems to edit contents of the sides to modify to decompile, to translate, to work on, to change to copy applications, programs or services to deliver computer viruses, to provide or to spread is strictly forbade.
  11. All activities which interrupt the functionality of the web pages or or more arbitrarily other offers which decrease quality or the achievement which impair functionality, the services or the appearance of the web pages are to be omitted - also including:
    • Not to intercept no e-mails of other users and not to try this also.
    • Not to dispatch any news or e mail to user who do not wish this.
    • Not to dispatch any news or e-mails or to publish contents which do not serve exclusively the purpose of the desired communication, but to touting or offering of goods or services.
    • Not to dispatch no chain letters or masses of news or masses of e-mails.
  12. The use of services is defeated by national and international regulations and laws. The offeror himself reserves the right to check the observance this, nevertheless, the obligation does not take over in addition.
  13. The users are rather urged to behave law-compliant. In case of offences, steps can be initiated against the cause. The offeror himself reserves, user whose contents do not correspond to the Terms and Conditions, to close or to extinguish as well as to bring unambiguously criminal activities to the announcement. Nevertheless, the offeror doesn‘t take over an obligation in addition.

Data Protection and Security

  1. The user agrees by the use with the following data protection regulations.
  2. The offeror collects or stores no personal information of the users on the web pages http://www.lutz-freitag.de or http://www.robinson-mv.de.
  3. Personal data those of the users gives for the purpose of a private communication or an individual, written contract to the offeror, is used exclusively moreover and is not transmitted to unconcerned. The user agrees with the fact, that his personal data may be stored by the offeror accordingly to purpose also in electronic form.
  4. Before the use of chats or linked sides all users undertake to accept the Terms and Conditions counting there, before they decide personal data to give on the suitable sides and release with it the offeror of the web pages http://www.lutz-freitag.de or http://www.robinson-mv.de from every responsibility.
  5. For data the users transmit to other users, the offeror sticks in no way.

In case a user is provided over the web pages or accesses services of third (e.g., friendly, interesting or Content sides), no data will transfer by the offeror to these sides. The user is defeated here by Terms and Conditions of the requested official suppliers or side offerors. The offeror will never handed data on by for advertising purposes or for address trade!

Web Security

  1. No protection is foolproof at all. The offeror uses a provider server. The provider’s servers are protected at high level with topical security procedures against damaging programs, hackers and other attacks from the Internet.
  2. Failures of utilisation by problems in the local net of the user as well as in the World Wide web or the work of injurious software (viruses, to Trojans …) do not lie in the responsibility of the offeror and cause no liability claim against the offeror. With the access to the Internet the users are responsibly for a suitable security draught on your calculators.
  3. The offeror recommends a Firewall, dial-, viruses-, Spy-, Spam-and Intrusions protection. The additional use of Routers and Proxy server is even more certainly. Please ask in additional a PC Trader your trust in.

Copyrights, Rights and Liabilities

Copyrights and Rights for CI/CD and Layouts

  1. The offeror respects entitled copyrights and expects also from the users, partners and visitors of his sides.
  2. It should come by mistake for the publication of protected contents, the offeror asks for immediate information what stands where under which protection, so that influence on possible incidents can be taken.

Copyrights and Rights for Content

  1. Users and offerors of linked sides may publish only pictures or other contents if they are owners this, or have acquired the rights for it. If Copyrights is injured by third, the offeror does not stick for it.
  2. The pictures or other contents may name only the persons or explain from whom you have the consent for the publication on the Internet. The counterfeiting of pictures or other contents of other persons as well as the not authorised publication can mark a criminal offence. The results which are arising from an announcement of the injured people carry the responsible users only. The offeror is not incurring the liability.
  3. Pictures or other contents which the offeror classifies as doubtful can be extinguished without consent of the users. Autarkic from existing contracts will remain unaffected. All contents which is not suitable for users less than 18 years not may not be published.
  4. Pictures or other contents which do not correspond to the terms of utilisation or even criminal contents explain, are not accepted by the offeror. In heavy or in cases of recurrence an individual, written contract can be finished unilaterally exceptionally, contents be closed or links be extinguished without a fulfilment claim or a repayment of the achievement can be asserted against the offeror. A check of all contents duty by the offeror cannot be derived from it.
  5. If the offeror liked to use pictures or other contents of users, he turns directly to the respective users to acquire the suitable rights.

Disclaimer, exclusion of liability

  1. The offeror takes over no liability for the behaviour from users, for contents of linked sides, used service companies (e.g., Payment partner companies) or for the case that no successful use should come about.
  2. The offeror takes over also no liability for the correctness of the information of the users.
  3. The offeror checks random checks-like all areas for observance of legal regulations. Also without the user’s approval or contracting partners the offeror himself reserves to carry out changes with offences, to close this, to extinguish or to refund announcement by criminal offence also. Nevertheless, the offeror does not absorb the obligation to the check and does not stick for suitable misdemeanours or their results.
  4. The offeror takes over no liability for physical, mental or material damages which originate from establishment of contact or from information which the user reveals with the establishment of contact or in the contract.
  5. To provide in spite of big strains of the offeror and his technical partners, the web pages http://www.lutz-freitag.de or http://www.robinson-mv.de freely of disturbance, the offeror cannot guarantee for the accessibility free of disturbance and free of interruption and function. The offeror rejects every liability for technical delays, failures or their results hence.
  6. Also every liability for the inspection is excluded from personal data of the users by third, in particular by the work of mal ware, hacker's accesses, fours or similar. Please note the Point "Web security".
  7. Is not excluded the liability for the damages which originate from intentional or roughly careless action of the offeror.

Indemnity, Exemption of Liability

  1. The users commit themselves, the offeror of claims for damages of third as well as to release all expenditures which are based on inadmissible contents or the behaviour of users.
  2. Users put the offeror freely from claims which arise from abusive use or disregard of the Terms and Conditions. These Claims in tort are to be directed against the respective users. The offeror will publish, perhaps, available personal data of users exclusively to own juridical representation or a responsible court.
  3. The users undertake to hold the offeror without damage to the environment from of every kind from complaints, damages, losses or demands which could originate from the activities of users and/or the use of the web pages http://www.lutz-freitag.de or http://www.robinson-mv.de or linked sides.
  4. The users commits itself in particular, the offeror of any liability and from all obligations, expenditures and claims, which to run clear from damages because of insults, defamation of character, injury of personality rights, because of the failure of services for the other users because of whom injury of immaterial goods or other rights prove.
  5. The exemption obligation also refers to the costs which are necessary to the defence of such claims.

Applicable Law and Legal Venue

  1. So far juridical allowed the legal venue is Rostock. It is worth basically the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Legal Conformity, Severability Clause

  1. If a responsible court explains single parts of the Terms and Conditions for invalid, all remaining rules of these Terms and Conditions remain unconditionally wide effective.
  2. Besides, offerors and users agree with the fact that an ineffective one just as a perhaps missing regulation is substituted by the court by to the sense and purpose after legal-effective and economically most near the coming regulation.
  3. With the use compatible offeror and user, that, without taking into consideration counter piece being statutes or laws, every claim or the fact of the matter which arises directly or indirectly from the side use, from services, from achievements or their work, must be asserted within one year after the entry of the causal event or goes out for good.
  4. The offeror does not explain that all contents of this web page are measured for other states and regions, or that from states and regions should be accessed the contents where this is unlawful or is forbade. This concerns also, but not exclusively, the concept of the majority. Worldwide, this rule is defined differently. The offeror himself orientates by the German right. Limited access is permitted from the age of 16 years. As adults the offeror treats all users from the age of 18 years.
  5. Those which are defeated outside by other right of Germany and which sides of the offeror want to access act on her own initiative and are responsible for the observance of applicable laws of both lands themselves.

Offeror: Lutz Freitag
Created 07th March, 2009
Document version: 07th March, 2009

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